Community Work

Our work in the community

We have a long tradition of involvement in our community. Our work includes providing spiritual, physical and emotional support within our hospital community, to our local community and beyond.

The Wellington: meals and support

The Wellington is a drop-in centre in Collingwood that provides health care services, activities and social support to isolated and disenfranchised people in a safe, local and social setting. We donate hot meals each fortnight, and members of our senior leadership team volunteer their time each month to serve meals to the Wellington clients. A group of our staff also volunteers 4 hours per week providing drop-in centre support, IT support and general duties. To find out more go to The Wellington website.

McAuley Community Services for Women: donations for mothers

McAuley Community Services for Women is a safe refuge for women and their children who are escaping family violence and for women who are facing homelessness 24 hours a day. For the past 2 years, we have collected and donated everyday necessities such as nappies, bottles, warm clothes, household goods and toiletries to donate to mums and children on Mother’s Day to brighten up their day in the refuge. To find out more go to McAuley Community Services for Women.

Flu Vax: protecting our community

Our infection prevention team has provided an influenza vaccination program to clients of St Mary’s House of Welcome and The Wellington. We partnered with both centres to provide hospital vaccinators and the Flu Vax at no cost to the agencies and clients.

Friday Night School: helping with homework

The Friday Night School program is run by volunteers to help migrant and refugee children with their homework and English skills. St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne provides for 2 of the students to complete their education at Melbourne’s Xavier College.

Asylum seekers: donating for comfort

We work very closely with asylum seekers in Australia and offshore. Asylum seekers are lonely, isolated, with little or no English and often have no contact with their families back home. Our staff collects and donates items such as picture books, novels, toiletries and board games.

Children First Foundation: medical care

Children First Foundation is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit charity set up by Moira Kelly in 1999. The foundation aims to provide access to medical care to children in countries where the expertise is not available to provide life-changing surgery.

Staff from our physiotherapy and occupational therapy team has collaborated with the Children First Foundation to develop an assistance program when children leave hospital.

Every months, 2 of our staff members volunteer their time at the Children First Foundation farm north of Melbourne and give support to the staff, volunteers and children. They advise on how to complete exercises and use equipment correctly, and check that the children making good progress. Our physiotherapists liaise with the surgeons if there are concerns between medical appointments. To find out more go to Children First Foundation.

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