Consumer participation to improve services

Hospitals deliver safer, better services when they ask patients and their families what they want and need.

By involving patients and their families in the design and delivery of health services, we have improved clinical care, offer a more effective health service, and have increased staff and patient satisfaction.

We hear about the needs and wants of patients from our Consumer Participation Group – a group of 5 members who meet 4 times each year to advise the hospital on a variety of patient-related activities.

The group’s activities include:

  • reviewing patient meals, menu design and tray presentation
  • creating a patient feedback form and reviewing response trends to help focus improvements
  • advising on hospital signage
  • training staff to enhance their understanding of a patient centred approach e.g. with providing assistance at meal times, consistency of breastfeeding advice
  • consulting on the content and readability of patient information materials
  • developing of patient information videos.

Consumer representatives are active members on other hospital committees including:

  • Exceptional Care
  • Partnering with Consumers
  • Patient and Corporate Communications
  • Medication Safety
  • Clinical Handover
  • Fall Prevention
  • Service of the Poor
  • Research and Ethics
  • Person-centred Care Initiative.

Forums and focus groups

We have also run ad hoc forums to hear from our patients and carers. Recent forums have included:

  • consumer forum for patients and carers across our major specialties
  • forums in Bendigo, Swan Hill and Shepparton for our regional cardiac and neurosurgery patients
  • Maternity Patient Focus Group
  • online forums via social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • consumer attendance at Biannual Staff Management Forum.

Satisfaction surveys and feedback forms

We ask patients to complete our ‘Did We Meet Your Expectations?’ feedback form at the conclusion of their stay with us. Each month we mail a patient satisfaction survey to randomly selected patients from each ward, to evaluate patient experience throughout the organisation.

This patient feedback is used to focus improvement efforts and provide exceptional patient centred care to all who attend St Vincent’s Private Hospital.