Our History

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest private Catholic hospitals. Our history is a story of leadership in compassionate care, healing and serving people with special needs.

Two hospitals become one

In 1998 Melbourne’s St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Mercy Private Hospital merged to form a new, dynamic hospital named St Vincent’s & Mercy Private.

Two separate religious congregations – the Sisters of Charity and Sisters of Mercy – had run the hospitals independently for more than 70 years. Their common vision was to create the best-equipped hospital in Australia and promote the healing ministry of Christ. Both hospitals had been founded to serve the needs of the sick and disadvantaged in Melbourne.

The merger provided an opportunity to create a new facility, as well as maintain the sisters’ mission and values.

Further expansion

The acquisition of Vimy Private in June 2008 consolidated and expanded services the hospital offered to the community. 

Joining the St Vincent’s group

In March 2011 St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) became the sole owner of St Vincent’s & Mercy Private Hospital. Part of that new ownership agreement was a name change, and today we are known as St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne. The sisters’ mission remains at the heart of our organisation.

The St Vincent’s group

We are part of St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) – the nation's largest Catholic not-for- profit health and aged care provider.

SVHA health and aged care facilities deliver compassionate and high quality services that perpetuate the vision of our founder Mary Aikenhead – to reach out to all in need of care.

St Vincent’s has been providing health care in Australia since 1857, when the Sisters of Charity established the first hospital in Sydney.

The Sisters of Charity legacy continues to inspire the St Vincent’s mission. SVHA has grown to encompass a diverse range of health services, residential care, research and education. We conduct services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in 20+ public hospitals, private hospitals, and aged care facilities.

Read more about the SVHA heritage.

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