Childbirth Education Program

Refresher Workshop

This workshop runs every 2nd month on a weeknight evening from 6pm-9pm.

These Refresher workshops are designed for women or couples having second or subsequent children and includes:

* Introduction to St. Vincent's Private Hospital Fitzroy.
* Overview of labour, birth and pain relief
* When to come into hospital and where to park
* Discussion of postnatal and early parenting issues
* Breastfeeding revisited- presented by a Lactation Consultant
* Sibling issues

Labour and Early Parenting Workshops

These workshop are run in different time formats:
•    3 consecutive weeknights 6-9pm
•    2 consecutive Saturday or Sunday Afternoons (1.00pm-5.30pm) or
•    All Day Saturday fast track workshop (9am - 5.30pm)

The focus of these sessions includes active labour, birth, early parenting and breastfeeding.

These sessions are for women or couples having their first baby. Some other topics covered include positions in labour and relaxation, the role of support person/s, pain relief in labour, the hospital stay, settling techniques, safety issues for the baby, baby communication and feeding.

It is appropriate to commence a series of classes when you are about 30 weeks pregnant or greater.

A tour of the maternity unit is included in these classes. Classes are filled on a first in booking basis.

Elective/Booked Caesarean sections

We don’t have a separate Caesarean section workshop, as it is being incorporated into our workshops. If you do not wish to attend the Labour and Birth component please book into the following workshops:
•    The Consecutive Weeknights and attend week 2 and 3 only* or
•    The Consecutive Saturday or Sunday Afternoons and attend week 2 only*

* The bookings system does not allow you to book these consecutive classes separately. Please book into the whole series and attend appropriate dates.

Dads and Bubs Class

Dads and Bubs class is about delivering information for expectant fathers on issues surrounding supporting their partner in labour, parenting and connecting and bonding with the baby.

Classes allow for great discussion so that fathers can feel their specific queries are addressed and gain confidence for their fathering role.

A practical hands-on session with the baby dolls is also available. This class is for men only, and is run by a male facilitator.

Grandparents Workshop

This workshop runs once per month and is about delivering information on the most up to date practices in feeding, settling and safety with babies and much more.

A Research and evidence based approach on changed care practices of infants is a great way to ensure all those caring for the baby are similarly informed. This class is also open to significant others who may also be caring for the baby.

This class has a minimal additional cost on a per person basis.


This workshop runs over two consecutive Sundays from 10am till 4pm.

Hypnobirthing is the name given to a childbirth education program using visualisation, guided imagery, self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to assist the mother during pregnancy and birth.

Our hypnobirthing classes are based on the understanding that birth is a normal and natural for healthy women and healthy babies.

Through this program you will explore techniques which will assist you to alleviate the fear and tension that often interferes with a woman's natural instincts to birth.

Women are encouraged to bring their birth partner along.

For more information about the course we offer please visit:

How do I book into the classes?

Once your booking with the hospital has been made finalised. You will receive a link to our booking system allowing you to choose class and date that is suitable for yourself and or your birthing partner.

If you don’t receive your link by the 26th week of your pregnancy please contact Childbirth Education via

TENS labour pain management system information session (FREE).

A non-invasive and non-pharmalogical pain management option for labour.
Register for this popular hands-on practical information session presented by qualified and experienced staff.
You will leave informed with a sound understanding of how to apply TENS for induction, during labour and after birth.

Partners are always welcome and encouraged to attend.

Time: Commence promptly at 6:30pm -7:30pm
Venue: Lecture theatre (Level 1, 75 Victoria Pde Fitzroy.)


Monday 7 January
Monday 4 February
Monday 4 March
Monday 8 April
Monday 6 May
Monday 3 June
Monday 8 July
Monday 5 August
Monday 2 September
Monday 7 October
Monday 4 November
Monday 2 December

For further information about hiring or to book in a session please email or phone 1300 913 129.

Do You Have a Pet?

The Victorian Governments ‘We are Family Program’ provides a guide to nurturing the child and pet relationship from pregnancy to preschool. The program is aimed at expectant and new parents. It helps parents prepare existing pets for the arrival of a new baby and provides further guidance when the baby is home to ensure safety around pets with babies and children. The program is delivered free to Victorian Hospitals as part of their childbirth education classes.

Please register to attend by emailing by the Wednesday prior to the class with your name and contact phone number.

Saturdays 11:00-11:45am

22nd June
27th July
24th August
21st September
16th October
23rd November 
21st December

Parent First Aid Courses @ St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

Knowing what to do if your child is hurt or unwell is probably the best gift you can give yourself as a parent.

Let our Paramedic and Pediatric Nurse Educators teach you how to confidently and effectively respond to the following

1.    CPR-Baby and child
2.    Drowning
3.    Choking
4.    Seizures &febrile convulsions
5.    Fever, Pain & dehydration
6.    Key signs of serious illness
7.    Breathing illnesses: Bronchiolitis, Croup and more
8.    Allergies including Anaphylaxis
9.    Head Injuries
10.    Burns
11.    Poisoning including bites and stings

Course Duration: 3 ¼ Hours

Prices effective 1 January 2019:
$80 single (discounted price $72 for St Vincent’s patients)
$150 couple (discounted price $135 for St Vincent’s patients)

Saturday mornings 9.00am to 12.15pm

Bookings and availability:

Enter the code word ‘stvincents’ for a discounted price at any St Vincent’s Private Hospital course.

For further inquiries:

Need more information?

It's important for expecting mothers to ensure that all available options have been researched so that an informed decision can be made when deciding where you will have your baby. We have created a free no obligation maternity information booklet to assist with making your decision.

Simply fill out your details here and we will email you our maternity information booklet straight away.


If you would like more information or would like to book a tour please call during business hours on:  Ph: 03 9411 7441