Embrace Program

About Our Embrace Program

St Vincent's Private Hospital has been delivering happiness for nearly 80 years, bringing thousands of adorable babies into the world every year.

Our Embrace Maternity Program is a new choice for women, where Melbourne’s top obstetricians work in conjunction with our experienced midwives to provide outstanding maternity care at a lower cost.

The Embrace Program provides you with your very own pregnancy support team, with the comfort and benefits that are offered at our private hospital.

Melbourne's top obstetricians are working in conjunction with our experienced midwives to offer you outstanding maternity care to support you all the way through your pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

The Embrace Program is a popular choice for women who are healthy with a normal pregnancy.

If you are looking for a program that includes your choice of obstetrician, together with a highly trained midwife, the Embrace Program has been designed for you.

For more information:

Call us on 03 9411 7634

Email:  embrace@svha.org.au

Or for more information regarding the booking process, please contact bookings during business hours on 03 9411 7634

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the Embrace Program?

Pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting is a special time in your family's life. That's why, with mums like you in mind, we have created the Embrace Program.

The Embrace Program provides you with your very own pregnancy support team, with the comfort of a private setting, in a more affordable package.

Melbourne's top obstetricians are working in conjunction with our experienced midwives to offer you outstanding maternity care at a lower "out of pocket" cost.

The Embrace Program is a popular choice for women who are healthy with a normal pregnancy. Your antenatal visits will be shared between our top obstetricians and experienced midwives.

Together, your obstetrician and midwife will provide very personalised and comprehensive care for you and your baby.


Which obstetricians are available through the Embrace Program?

The following obstetricians are pleased to be involved in the Embrace Program:

Dr Marcia Bonazzi: http://www.drmarciabonazzi.com.au/

Dr Fiona Cowell: http://www.mcoga.com.au/

Dr Megan Di Quinzio: www.drmegan.com.au/

Dr Joseph Drentin: www.drdrentin.com.au

Dr John How: www.drjohnhow.com.au

Dr Briohny Hutchinson: http://www.mcoga.com.au/ 

Dr Vanessa King: http://www.mcoga.com.au/

Dr Suzana Kotevska: www.stela.com.au

Dr Vicki Nott: http://www.mcoga.com.au/

Dr David O'Callaghan: 03 9419 5138

Dr Miranda Robinson: http://www.mcoga.com.au/ 

Dr Boski Shah: www.drboskishah.com.au

Dr Lionel Steinberg: www.drlionelsteinberg.com.au  

Dr Meredith Tassone: www.drmeredithtassone.com.au


What are the benefits of the Embrace Program? 

SVPHM offers high quality personalised care and attention from your obstetrician, along with our highly qualified midwives and nursing staff. Along with this, the Embrace Program provides:

  • Private room with your own bathroom
  • Physiotherapy consultation in your private room
  • Lactation consultant
  • A FREE breastfeeding clinic for you to attend until your baby is 12 months old
  • Access to the only Level 5 Special Care Nursery in a private hospital in Victoria


What will the Embrace Program cost?

Our obstetricians have affordable pricing options, as we believe all women should be able to access the best maternity care. Please call us on 03 9411 7634 or email us at Embrace@svha.org.au for more information.


Does care within the Embrace Program attract any Medicare rebates? 

Yes, Medicare rebates are available for your obstetrician antenatal and postnatal care. 


Do I need a GP referral?

Yes. You will need a referral to access Medicare benefits when seeing your Obstetrician. Please ask your GP to write a referral to your preferred Obstetrician.


Can I stay in the Embrace Program if I develop a problem in my pregnancy?

The Embrace Program offers a low risk model of care. Our Embrace Program midwives will work collaboratively with your Obstetrician, and will facilitate an obstetrician consultation in a timely manner if you require additional care. Your obstetrician will determine whether it is best for you to remain in the Embrace Program.


Will I go to the Park Hyatt? 

The Family Retreat at Melbourne’s luxurious Park Hyatt Hotel is now an option for completing your postnatal care within the Embrace Program. Eligible families must consult with their obstetrician and midwife. If you’re interested in the Family Retreat Program please speak to your midwife.

There may be times when the Family Retreat package is not available because of high seasonal demand for rooms at the Park Hyatt. In certain cases St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne may also decide that maternity care would be better provided in the hospital.


What if I need help after I’ve had my baby? 

The Embrace Program midwives can provide support for feeding and settling problems with your baby. All our midwives are experienced in breastfeeding issues and we also have a Lactation Consultant who can provide a range of additional services including free breastfeeding support program right up until your baby is 12 months old.

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