Maternity Facilities

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne has been delivering babies for over 80 years. We have a large team of highly trained midwives, lactation consultants and a special care nursery with highly credentialed nurses to care for infants who need extra attention before going home. 

Each of our private suites have modern and spacious facilities including an ensuite, the latest foetal monitoring technology, telephone and free wifi connection, television and kitchen facilities. We also offer an a-la-carte meal service.

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A Safe Birth 

You will deliver your baby in one of our safe and supportive birth suites. Experienced midwives, in consultation with an obstetrician, provide one-on-one care during labour and birth. A fully staffed operating theatre and a Level 3 adult Intensive Care Unit are nearby in case of complications. 

Special Care Nursery

Our experienced paediatricians, neonatal nurses and midwives are available to look after unwell or premature babies in our Special Care Nursery - We have the ability to provide non-invasive respiratory support in the form of CPAP (Continuous Positive Pressure Ventilation), High Flow Ventilation or nasal prong oxygen. Because our nursery is so well equipped, we regularly care for babies with complex care needs. babies born prematurely (from 32 weeks) and also multiple births.  

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Antenatal and Foetal Monitoring Unit

Monitoring baby and assessing Mum’s wellness helps our midwives identify any potential problems. Any treatment needed can be provided in consultation with your obstetrician and without needing full hospital admission. Our Antenatal and Foetal Monitoring Unit is open Monday to Friday.

Midwives and Nurses

Our dedicated midwifery and nursing staff are committed to ensuring that you and your family are supported throughout your pregnancy and birth. They run parenting and breastfeeding education programs to assist you in your first few days as a parent. 

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Room Service

We are transforming the meal-time experience for our Maternity patients, and from August 6th, 2019, will offer full Room Service for all meals. Patients will no longer receive their meals at a set time each day, nor will they need to select their meals a day in advance.

Instead, our patients will receive fresh, cooked to order meals delivered in under 45 minutes. They will also have the option to pre-order a meal and have it delivered at a specified time.

The new room service will be available to all patients from 7am to 7pm daily. Meals can be ordered by phoning the Room Service Assistants in the Call Centre. Call centre staff are trained to guide those with special food needs through menu choices, so that good nutrition remains paramount.

Partner meals may also be ordered through Room Service. The cost of a visitor meal is $22 per tray/ meal, and will be added to your hospital account.

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Our Obstetricians

Our obstetricians and paediatricians are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in providing mother and baby with the best care.

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Student Midwives

We offers clinical placement to undergraduate/postgraduate nurses and midwives. During your stay you may be asked to have a student midwife present with our experienced staff in the delivery of your care. We appreciate your support for the future of nursing and midwifery.

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It's important for expecting mothers to ensure that all available options have been researched so that an informed decision can be made when deciding where you will have your baby. We have created a free no obligation maternity information booklet to assist with making your decision.

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If you would like more information or would like to book a tour please call during business hours on:  Ph: 03 9411 7634