Maternity Services

Childbirth Education

Our extensive Early Parenting Program helps parents and carers prepare for childbirth, breastfeeding and make the transition to parenthood. Experienced midwives lead discussion sessions about a range of birth and parenting issues and offer advice in a relaxed atmosphere.

We provide classes for the whole family, including:

  • Labour, birth and early parenting workshops (on weeknights and Saturdays)
  • Refresher workshop for second time parents.
  • Grandparents Workshop
  • Dads and Bubs Workshop
  • Pets and New Baby
  • Hypnobirthing

Parents are encouraged to attend all appropriate classes. Read more about our Childbirth Education programs here. 

Hypnobirthing classes

This Workshop is currently unavailable onsite until further notice. 
Hypnobirthing is available online via :


Hypnobirthing teaches you and your birthing partner to approach the birth of your baby without fear or tension.

The program introduces you to techniques and tools for achieving a calm and relaxed birth experience.

You will:

  •    gain an understanding of how the brain and body work together during labour and birth.
  •    learn how your birthing muscles and brain can work in harmony.
  •    master the skills that will help you achieve a deep state of relaxation.
  •    learn to approach birth with positive anticipation and confidence.

Our workshops will assist partners to feel more confident and empowered in their role as birth support.

Hypnobirthing classes are facilitated by our midwives and are conducted at the hospital over two full Saturdays each month, from 9am to 4pm.

For more information about workshop dates and costs, please call 03 9411 7634

Breastfeeding Clinic

Breastfeeding does not always come easily, but with the right advice and support most women and babies can feed successfully.

We run breastfeeding clinics to help mothers navigate the challenges of breastfeeding and to assist with discovering what works for them to meet the changing needs of their baby.

Led by lactation consultants, these clinics offer mums advice and information. They are free, and held 4-5 days a week.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital encourages breastfeeding in line with World Health Organisation guidelines, while supporting women who choose not to breastfeed.

Patients can return to the breastfeeding clinic until their baby is 12 months of age, or phone for advice from a qualified lactation consultant. There is no cost to patients who choose to use the breastfeeding clinic.

For more information telephone: 03 9411 7634.

Additional information regarding specific breastfeeding issues can be found on the St Vincent's Private blog:

  1. Tips for Avoiding Mastitis
  2. Nipple Thrush
  3. Alcohol and Breastfeeding
  4. Managing Oversupply of breastmilk

Postnatal Parenting Education

At St Vincent’s Private Hospital, our dedication to you and your newborn does not end when you leave the hospital. We offer holistic midwifery support that provides continuity of care from pregnancy through to the postpartum period; Antenatal, Preadmission, Birth, Postnatal Ward Education, and Postnatal Parenting Education.

This program benefits families by providing support and giving them access to a service within the early newborn phase which can be highly stressful.

The sessions are designed to strengthen women’s mental health which will positively contribute to an infant’s development and reinforce family ties.

The postnatal Parenting education session is offered to parents between 4-6 weeks post birth and provides parenting tips, tools and techniques to help parents become more confident and knowledgeable when caring for their baby.

Topics covered include:

  • Transition from hospital to home
  • Normalising newborn behaviour
  • Normal sleep patterns and cycles for babies
  • Tips and techniques for sleep settling
  • Cluster feeding 
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Mental health awareness

Support people and babies are all welcome to this session.

Post Natal Physiotherapy

Growing a baby and giving birth can cause many changes in your body. Recovering from the birth of your baby is greatly assisted by looking after yourself as much as possible. 

All mothers at St Vincent's Private Maternity will receive a routine postnatal visit on the ward by a specialist maternity physiotherapist. Your appointment will usually take place the day after a vaginal delivery or two days after a caesarean delivery. Your visit will include guidance on promoting the optimal recovery post delivery of our baby.

You will be provided with information on back care, pelvic floor exercises, general exercise and postural advice. Your physiotherapist will also talk to you about your stomach muscles and how they were affected during pregnancy and ways to promote healing.

If required, some women may be given an abdominal support band to assist with their recovery.

We may advise that you seek further treatment from a specialist physiotherapist in the community, if this is required, your physiotherapist will provide you with additional details.

In the event that a patient chooses an early discharge or to move to the Park Hyatt Hotel, they may miss out on a physiotherapy visit, resulting in a phone consultation instead, or for information to be provided by the midwives at the Park Hyatt.

The St Vincent's Private Maternity Blog is also a great resource for information about looking after yourself during pregnancy and following the birth of your baby. 

  1. Tips for back care after the birth of your baby
  2. Exercising your pelvic floor muscles
  3. Separation of your abdominal muscles (DRAM)


Professional photographers are available to take photos of your baby if required. All maternity patients receive a special offer for infant photography from Kelly Jordan Photography.

Photos of staff members may only be taken only if you have their consent.

Speak with your obstetrician regarding video footage of your birth.

Need more information?

It's important for expecting mothers to ensure that all available options have been researched so that an informed decision can be made when deciding where you will have your baby. We have created a free no obligation maternity information booklet to assist with making your decision.

Simply fill out your details here and we will email you our maternity information booklet straight away.




If you would like more information or would like to book a tour please call during business hours on:  Ph: 03 9411 7634