Pre-admission visit

We encourage all women to consider a pre-admission meeting with one of our experienced midwives some time after week 32 of their pregnancy. This is a one-on-one opportunity to discuss your individual needs and requirements and to ask questions regarding your health and the safe delivery of your baby.

To arrange a pre-admission visit, call 03 9411 7634

When to come to hospital

When your labour begins, please phone the birth suite on 03 9411 7103 and discuss your situation with one of our midwives. When you arrive at the hospital, please confirm your details at reception on the ground floor. 

Length of stay

For a vaginal birth, you will usually spend 3-4 nights in hospital. Mums who have had a caesarean section stay up to 5 nights.  

What to bring

Mums will need:

  • Night attire and casual clothes (optional)
  • Toiletries, nursing pads, maternity pads (2 pkts)
  • Medicare card, blood group card, health Insurance details
  • Hot/cold packs and all current medication.

For baby we suggest:

  • Baby outfits (5-6)
  • Baby wraps (5-6)
  • Baby bonnet/beanie and booties
  • Nappy fasteners and pilchers are optional.

Please label all clothes clearly with your name. Please have an approved child restraint fitted into your car prior to leaving hospital.


Discharge time is 9.30am.Our midwives will help you to organise your discharge and arrange any support you may need at home. 


The benefits available under health benefit schedules vary considerably from one fund to another. We have agreements with most private health funds. For more information contact the Maternity Booking Centre.

Stay in touch

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Need more information?

It's important for expecting mothers to ensure that all available options have been researched so that an informed decision can be made when deciding where you will have your baby. We have created a free no obligation maternity information booklet to assist with making your decision.

Simply fill out your details here and we will email you our maternity information booklet straight away.




If you would like more information or would like to book a tour please call during business hours on:  Ph: 03 9411 7634