Oncology and Haematology

The St Vincent’s Private Day Oncology Unit and Infusion Centre specialises in providing personalised and holistic care for patients and their families receiving treatment.

We have two specialised day oncology units located at our East Melbourne and Fitzroy campuses.

Day Oncology and Infusion Centre – Fitzroy

Education and assessment

When you receive a diagnosis, our staff will arrange personalised education sessions about your treatment and side effects you might experience. We organise for you to visit and meet our team prior to your treatment. We encourage all patients to bring a support person, to ask understand any issues you might have.

Prior to each treatment, one of our expert staff members will assess your health, and discuss any concerns you have.


Our specialised centre has 4 specialty trained chemotherapy/oncology staff members to assist you with your treatment. Our staff members are highly qualified in cannulation and utilising a variety of Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD).

Our unit comprises of 6 reclining chairs to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. We offer free wi-fi and encourage you to bring your laptop or iPad to keep you entertained during your treatment.

We offer a wide variety of food and drinks during your treatment. Breakfast is available upon request 7-10am, and lunch 11am-12.30pm. If you have any dietary requirements or food allergies, please contact our unit the day prior to your treatment to arrange an alternative suitable option.

Our staff

At St Vincent’s Private we have a compassionate team of oncologists, haematologists, medical specialists, and allied health professionals available to assist in the treatment and wellbeing of our patients, to ensure they receive the best level of care, support and education.

Other services include:

  • breast care nurse
  • IBD nurse specialist
  •  physiotherapy
  •  diabetic educator
  •  pharmacy
  • occupational therapist
  • dieticians
  • pastoral care
  •  social worker

We are delighted to introduce Oncology Liaison Nurse, Ms Marisa Stevens at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne.

Ms Marisa Stevens
Oncology Liaison Nurse

Marisa has worked in oncology for the past 20 years, including employment interstate and overseas in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. She has accreditation as both a breast and lung cancer nurse. View Marisa's profile here. (PDF 570.1KB)

Day Oncology Unit - East Melbourne

The Day Oncology Unit at St Vincent’s Private East Melbourne treats patients with cancers such as breast, ovarian, prostate, lung, bowel and lymphomas, as well as immunological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The unit provides patients with chemotherapy and immunotherapy administration, education and care.

New purpose built area

Our Day and Oncology Infusion Services has relocated to a brand new purpose built area. Now located on 4th Floor, 141 Grey St, East Melbourne and co-located with the Breast Surgery and Plastics unit.

The centre has expanded from 6 to 8 new electronically operated recliner chairs in beautiful, light filled, appointed surrounds.


The newly extended hours are from 8am to 5pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We have friendly, caring and highly qualified Oncology/Chemotherapy nursing staff who have extensive experience in the administration of chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs, plus Iron and blood product infusions. All staff are skilled in IV Cannulation and management of Central Venous Access devices (CVAD’S).

East Melbourne Day Oncology is staffed by 4 qualified chemotherapy nurses and two of the chemotherapy nurses are also qualified Breast Care Nurses.

Scalp Cooling

Scalp cooling is available at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne. Scalp cooling can assist in reducing the amount of hair loss during some courses of treatment.