At Home

If your child has been a patient at St Vincent’s Kids, there are things you can do at home to ensure your child has the best recovery.

Always administer the medications for your child as prescribed by your doctor. If you are unsure of exactly what your child requires, please call your surgeon for confirmation.

Your child’s diet

Depending on their surgery, your child may not always have their usual appetite after surgery. It’s important that you ensure your child is receiving enough fluids to avoid dehydration. Provide foods that are easy to swallow and encourage your child to eat.

If after a few days your child’s diet is not improving please contact your doctor.


If your child experiences any of the following contact your surgeon:

•    Fever greater than 38 degrees Celsius
•    Difficulty in breathing
•    Ongoing nausea and vomiting
•    Ongoing pain not relieved by medication
•    Excessive bleeding
•    Any complication as a direct result of surgery

If you are unable to contact your surgeon please call your GP or present to your nearest emergency department.



If you feel your child is deteriorating and can’t wait call an ambulance on 000.