Dr Andrius V. Kalade

Andrius Kalade




205 Union Road,
Surrey Hills
VIC 3127


(03) 9898 5575


(03) 9899 3999


Dr Kalade is a Consultant Gastroenterologist in private practice since 2007, providing services that encompass management of a diverse range of gastroenterological and liver conditions. After commencing Gastroenterology training at Monash Health, he perused further qualifications, having been appointed an endoscopy fellowship at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. Having undertaken clinical research evaluating novel modalities such as small bowel imaging- MR enterography in small bowel Crohn’s disease, capsule endoscopy and double balloon enteroscopy, and applications of endoscopic ultrasound, he has presented at national and international conferences and in publications in peer reviewed literature.

Andrius provides dedicated and compassionate care to his patients, with particular emphasis on initial consultations for new complex patients. Consultations can be arranged at several locations for both insured and uninsured patients.

Andrius also provides endoscopic services that can be arranged directly or after consultation in the rooms without prolonged waiting times. If required, admission to hospital for inpatient management can arranged.


Dysfunctional bowel problems

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