Dr Domenic Robinson



Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Areas of interest


St Vincent’s Private Hospital Kew
Consulting Suite 1
5 Studley Avenue
Kew VIC 3101


(03) 9853 7162


(03) 9853 7240





Domenic Robinson is one of Melbourne’s leading endovascular and vascular surgeons. He specialises in arterial and venous conditions with a strong interest in peripheral vascular disease and minimally invasive therapies.

Following his undergraduate studies at Monash University, he was awarded his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Domenic has completed further postgraduate study at the University of Melbourne and the University of Adelaide while completing his vascular surgery training and obtaining his fellowship in endovascular and vascular surgery. The use of minimally invasive procedures to treat varicose veins, blocked/narrowed arteries, or arterial aneurysms have shown to produce the best outcomes for patients with shorter hospital stays and minimised risk of complications.

Domenic believes that patients appreciate the benefits resulting from his calm and informative manner. They are given time to ask questions and become fully apprised of their medical condition and required medical treatment. His patients fully understand the treatment options available to them and the associated benefits and risks. Domenic also cares for patients at Warringal Private and Epworth Richmond. 

Peripheral vascular disease
Varicose veins
Diseases of the aorta
Carotoid disease
Renal dialysis access
Diabetic feet
Venous thrombosis

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