Dr Simon Frenkel


Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Areas of interest

- Non-respiratory sleep disorders including hypersomnolence, insomnia and restless legs syndrome
- Snoring and sleep apnoea


Lung and Sleep Victoria
35 Summerhill Rd, Footscray


(03) 9318 4377


(03) 9318 4577 




Dr Simon Frenkel is a Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Physician, working as a Staff Specialist at Western Health and also in private practice. Whilst he has expertise in all aspects of Sleep Medicine, he has a particular interest in non-respiratory sleep disorders including insomnia, hypersomnolence, circadian rhythm disturbances and restless legs syndrome. 

Simon is actively involved in sleep education, having been an invited speaker at state and national scientific meetings along with providing education to Advanced Trainees, General Practitioners and the wider community. He is also actively involved in the Australasian Sleep Association, as co-chair of the Sleep Physicians Council and as a member of the Medicines sub-committee.

Consulting Locations: Footscray, Niddrie and Werribee


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