Preparation - day procedure patients

It is important that you understand about fasting, preparation, and taking medications prior your procedure. Your doctor will explain how long you need to fast, if you should continue taking medications and any other special preparations needed prior to your procedure

On the day of your procedure, do not wear make-up, jewellery or nail polish, and wear loose comfortable clothing.

Preventing infection – what you can do to help

We do our best to reduce your risk of infection during your hospital stay. You can help by:

  • having a shower on the morning of your surgery. Clean, rinse, and dry your body well, and put on a clean set of clothes
  • not shaving near where you will be having surgery. Your skin acts as a protective barrier and having may cause damage to your skin and increase your risk of infection.
  • not using lotions, creams or talcum powder on your skin. Your skin needs to be clean, and some procedures require a disinfectant skin preparation to be used. Any skin products may interfere with this.

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