Procedure day - what to expect

Having a day procedure can mean an early start, a wait for surgery and a full day in hospital. Please bring some reading material or something to do to help pass the time.

Arriving at hospital

When you arrive make your way to the reception desk. Our business staff will greet you and complete your admission requirements. You may be admitted either via our Surgical Admissions Unit (SAU) or Day Procedure Unit (DPU).

If you come with a support person, they may not be able to enter but will be asked to sit in our waiting area. Nursing staff will keep them informed of your progress and transfer from recovery to the ward.


You will be given an identification band to wear. Staff will confirm your identification before procedures and treatments – including giving you regular medication. Find out more about your ID and patient safety.


Hospital staff will check you have a signed consent form. They may also mark the limb or area of the body to be operated on for identification purposes. Read about giving consent.

After your procedure

Nurses will monitor your recovery and perform regular observations (like blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature). They will also check your operation site and ensure that it is healing correctly. Once you are awake and well enough, you may be able to start to eat and drink. Your nurse will inform you when you are able to safely get out of bed and eat again. Please check with your nurse to make sure it is safe to do this.