Our services for preparing you for home

We offer services to make your transition home smooth. We will help you to understand your condition and what ongoing health care you will need, anticipate the things you might not be able to manage yourself, and can suggest transport, meals and support services.

Regaining your independence – occupational therapy

Our occupational therapy team will assist you to manage or regain your independence, confidence and, where appropriate, return to work. During your recovery you may need to modify how you manage daily activities. How will you shop, cook, climb steps, have a shower or move around your home? We make personal bathing and dressing assessments, provide equipment, and run breakfast groups. We can arrange to visit your home to ensure it is equipped and safe. Read more about our rehabilitation services.

Arranging home services – social work

We can assist you with arranging services such as meals on wheels, home care to help you cope at home following your procedure. Our discharge coordinators and social workers help patients to arrange the best possible plan for your care following your admission.

Transport to home

If you require ambulance transport you home, it is important that you understand that this type of ambulance transport is no longer covered by your health fund or pension. For this reason, we strongly recommend you become a member of Ambulance Victoria prior to your admission. Be aware that Ambulance Victoria may not cover your transport home unless there is a medical need for this type of transport.