Preadmission is our process for finding out everything we need to know about you to assist your treatment and recovery. It is also when we can answer your questions and prepare you for your hospital stay with us.


All patients must complete our registration form, which contains the important preadmission health questionnaire. This document becomes the basis for your medical record and includes discharge details.

To register you can choose one of three methods:

  1. complete the paperwork you receive from your doctor’s office, or
  2. register online
  3. contact our call centre.

Ask your doctor’s office about the best way for you to register.

Please make sure that we have this information at least 14 days before you are due to arrive at hospital.

You must complete ALL sections to the best of your ability – ask a relative or carer for help.

The information that you give us will be reviewed by an experienced registered nurse. We may call you to ask you some additional questions, and you may also be asked to come into the preadmission clinic for tests and assessment (e.g. blood pressure, blood tests, ECG).

Preadmission clinics

Before you arrive at the hospital, you may be asked to attend a preadmission clinic. At the clinic a nurse will organise any tests required, take your health history, give you information about what will happen during your stay and plan your discharge. 

If you are not required to come to a preadmission clinic, a nurse will contact you to ensure you have all the information you need about your hospital stay. 

Our business office may also contact you to tell you of any out-of-pocket expenses you might need to pay prior to your admission. 

For more information about your stay before you arrive, please call our clinical preadmission service on tel: 03 9411 7111.

Preadmission classes

If you are feeling nervous, curious or want to make appropriate arrangements for your post-operative care and support, book a place in a preadmission class. Our classes help prospective surgical patients to understand admission, surgery, post-operative recovery and discharge.

You will hear about the experience of the majority of patients who have had similar surgery, and gain an understanding of:

  • how to prepare for your admission/surgery
  • what to expect during your hospital stay
  • how to prepare for changes in activity levels and expectations post operatively
  • how to prepare for discharge
  • what to expect in the initial weeks at home.

Nursing staff and physiotherapists present the class, which is a mix of discussion and practical demonstration. We encourage you to bring a partner or support person.

Classes are held at Level 2, Suite 3–4 55 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Vic 3065

These classes are offered on certain days for different surgeries and run for approximately 1–2 hours. Classes are limited to 8 participants (plus one partner/other) therefore making a booking is essential.

How to book a preadmission class

Contact our Preadmission Centre on tel: 03 9411 7358. Complete preadmission paperwork and send to the bookings office as soon as possible.

What to bring to preadmission classes

  • Pathology request form
  • Medicare card for Pathology.
  • There is opportunity to ask questions. Write down any particular questions you have and bring them with you.

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