Preadmission & Pre-habilitation

Preadmission is our process for finding out everything we need to know about you to assist your treatment and recovery. It is also when we can answer your questions and prepare you for your hospital stay with us.


All patients must complete our registration form, which contains the important preadmission health questionnaire. This document becomes the basis for your medical record and includes discharge details.

To register you can choose one of three methods:

  1. complete the paperwork you receive from your doctor’s office, or
  2. register online
  3. contact our call centre.

Ask your doctor’s office about the best way for you to register.

Please make sure that we have this information at least 14 days before you are due to arrive at hospital.

You must complete ALL sections to the best of your ability – ask a relative or carer for help.

The information that you give us will be reviewed by an experienced registered nurse. We may call you to ask you some additional questions, and you may also be asked to come into the preadmission clinic for tests and assessment (e.g. blood pressure, blood tests, ECG).

Prehabilitation for Total Knee and Hip Replacements


As a leader in joint replacement surgery St. Vincent’s Private Hospitals strive to provide our patients with excellent care through their hospital stay. The team consists of highly experienced orthopaedic staff including nursing and allied health who will educate, prepare and support you through your joint replacement journey.

In preparation for your operation an online prehab exercise video plus a virtual physiotherapy information class is now available (see below).

This helps to ensure you are prepared as much as possible and fit for your upcoming surgery. 
“Your prehabilitation is everything you actively do—mentally and physically—leading up to surgery to optimise your health and recovery and reduce the risk of complications.”

Please join us prior to your operation for the hip or knee replacement class (details below).

The Total Hip Replacement information class - Tuesdays at 11 am.
The Total Knee Replacement information class - Wednesdays at 11am.

Classes are run using Microsoft Teams. We recommend using a computer with a microphone, but an iPad or iPhone will also work. You do not need to download any software. If you don’t have access to a microphone to ask questions you can also type questions in the chat box. Please click on the relevant link below to join the meeting at the allocated time. 


1. Total Hip Replacement virtual class - Tuesdays 11am  

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Learn more about Teams | Meeting options

Join with a video conferencing device VTC Conference ID: 1354894064

Alternate VTC dialing instructions


2. Total Knee Replacement virtual class – Wednesdays 11am 

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Learn more about Teams | Meeting options

Join with a video conferencing device VTC Conference ID: 1390168550

Alternate VTC dialing instructions


3. Below is a copy of the power point slide presentations.

Total Knee Replacement Class
Total Hip Replacement Class

We look forward to supporting you in your preparation for your joint surgery, both physically and mentally to ensure a smooth recovery. 

If you have any questions following the presentations, or are having difficulty connecting to the virtual class.

Please call 9928 6568 to speak with a physiotherapist.

For any other queries, please email: