What to expect

As a patient in a private hospital you can expect:

  • your choice of doctor
  • access to hospital services at a time that best suits your needs.

From your doctor you can expect:

  • an explanation of your clinical treatment and its risks before you give consent
  • advice on the likely costs of treatment and any out-of-pocket expenses
  • advice on seeking a second medical opinion
  • confidentiality of personal information
  • treatment with respect, dignity and compassion
  • advice on care after discharge
  • advice on making a complaint.

From your health fund you can expect:

  • advice on the health cover available, insurance premiums, benefits and conditions of cover
  • advice on making a complaint about a private health insurance matter.

For more information, you can also consult the Australian Government’s Private Patients Hospital Charter

Patient privacy and access to medical records

As our patient you can expect that the information that we collect about you is relevant, your privacy is protected and that you can access your medical record. Find out more about patient privacy and access to medical records.

Read your patients’ rights and responsibilities.