Our rooms are modern, well equipped and designed to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Rooms at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy are all single private accommodation. Rooms at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne and St Vincent’s Private Hospital Kew are mostly private, with some shared accommodation.

Allocating beds

You will be allocated a bed on the day of admission. The allocation of single rooms at East Melbourne and Kew is subject to availability and priority is given to clinical need. We always try but cannot guarantee that we will meet your accommodation requests.

Facilities for patients

Our rooms are equipped with:

  • en suite bathrooms
  • bedside telephones
  • colour TV
  • fridge.

Maternity rooms have access to kitchen facilities for you and your support person.

We are happy to arrange items such as hairdryers and will try to meet other requests you may have.

Telephone costs

All local calls made on the phone in your room are free. To make international, interstate and calls to mobile phones you will need a phone card that can be bought from reception.

Using your laptop and getting online

Laptop computers and other electrical devices may interfere with some of our medical equipment. Please check with our staff before using them.

Internet access (wi-fi) is free. To gain access you will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions of use.

Rooms for new mums

All maternity patients stay in a private room with an en suite bathroom, television, direct dial telephone, fridge and baby bathing facilities. Partners are welcome to stay at all times (an out of pocket charge may apply).

Find out about our accommodation for maternity patients.

White boards – communicating with staff

Every room has a whiteboard on the wall. This is to assist with communication between staff and patients, and includes the name of your nurse, and your plan of care.

If you or your family have any questions or concerns write them on the whiteboard, so they are seen by staff.

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