Your rights & responsibilities

We believe staff, patients, families and carers all have a mutual right to expect, and a responsibility to provide, respect and dignity to each other.

The following list outlines your rights and responsibilities as our patient in accordance with the Australian Charter on Healthcare Rights and the principles of the Human Rights Act.

Your rights as a patient:

  • access to health care: you can access services to attend to your healthcare needs including pastoral and spiritual care as required.
  • safe and high quality care: you receive safe and high quality health services, which are provided with professional care, skill and competence.
  • communication: you receive open, timely and appropriate information about your healthcare and the treatment you are receiving in a manner you can understand.
  • participation: you may join in making decisions and choices about your care and health service planning.
  • parental rights: you can exercise your rights as a parent or guardian of a child.
  • respect: the care provided shows respect to me and your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
  • privacy: your personal privacy?is maintained and? proper handling of your personal health and other information is assured.
  • comment: you can comment on or complain about your care and have your concerns investigated and responded to.

Patient responsibilities


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • advise of any changes to contact and next of kin details
  • be aware that you may need to wait for attention or treatment at times if staff are attending to other patients
  • accept that some services you require may not be available at this hospital.


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • provide accurate information about your health and anything else that may impact on your care (including alternative or complementary therapies)
  • tell staff of any changes you notice in your medical condition (e.g. pain)
  • to cooperate with staff providing care in a manner that promotes staff safety (e.g. lifting of patients)
  • to comply with the policies of the hospital (e.g. alcohol consumption, hand washing and no smoking).
  • report any unsafe practices or situations
  • follow the instructions of staff in the event of an emergency.


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • be as open and honest as you can, and ask for more information if you do not understand
  • tell staff if English is not your first language so you can be provided with an interpreter, either in person or by phone
  • understand that if you?are not covered by Medicare (e.g. you are an overseas visitor) you will be responsible for payment of all relevant fees and charges
  • understand that if you elect to be a private (chargeable) patient, you will be given information about costs and you will be responsible for paying your attending doctors and any other relevant charges.


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • ask questions so you can be informed about your medical condition and your care options before giving consent to any treatment
  • discuss your concerns and decisions with your healthcare provider,?(e.g. if you do not wish to continue treatment, you are unable to comply with treatment, or intend to discharge yourself against medical advice). Once you have been made aware of the implications, you must accept responsibility for the consequences of your decisions.
  • provide a copy of advanced health care directives, enduring power of attorney or other legal documents which may be relevant to your care
  • participate in your post-discharge care planning.


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • tell staff of circumstances concerning your culture and beliefs so they can respond to your needs
  • respect the Catholic tradition of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne
  • tell staff if you have any special needs (e.g. relating to hearing or sight impairment)
  • treat staff, patients and visitors with respect and dignity
  • respect other patients and staff (e.g. by limiting noise, the number of visitors and ensuring that your visitors adhere to the hospital visiting hours).


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • accept that your health information may be shared with appropriate healthcare providers and other agencies as authorised by law
  • ask for your recorded health information to be corrected if it is inaccurate
  • respect the privacy and confidentiality of others.


As our patient, we ask that you:

  • tell staff if you have any problems or concerns so that they can respond.

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