Medication costs

Our commitment to quality health care includes providing the correct medications for your treatment in hospital, as well as the information you need about the costs of these medications.

Medications required during your stay are included in your hospital account. We have agreements with health funds to cover the costs of medications while you are in hospital. Read more about health funds and the cost of your hospital stay.

There are 2 groups of medications that are exceptions to this:

  • non admission-related drugs
  • non-PBS High Cost Drugs.

Non admission-related drugs (NARDS)

These are medications taken prior to admission, whether or not they are related to your admission. Please bring in all those medications in their original packaging and give them to the nursing staff. If you use blister or Webster packs please also bring them.

If you cannot bring your medications into hospital they may be dispensed by our pharmacy, and you will receive a pharmacy invoice for their cost.

If your doctor changes your medications while you are in hospital or changes the dosage of your regular medication, the cost of this will be covered by the hospital.

Please note: Patients with Department for Veterans’ Affairs entitlements are subject to different rules regarding NARDS. To find out more speak with a pharmacist.

Pension, PBS Safety Net or health care cardholders

Bring in your pension, PBS Safety Net or health care cards to help keep any pharmacy costs to a minimum. Your discharge medications may contribute to reaching your PBS Safety Net.

Subsidised medications – the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Schedule lists all of the medications available to be dispensed to patients at a government subsidised price. For medications not covered by the PBS Schedule there can be out-of-pocket expenses that the patient must pay.

The PBS Safety Net helps you with the costs of your medicines. Once you or your family reach a Safety Net threshold, you can apply for a PBS Safety Net card. With a Safety Net card your PBS medicine will be less expensive or possibly free for the rest of the calendar year.

Non-PBS high cost medications

During your stay at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne, your doctor may prescribe you a medication that is a non Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) High Cost Drug. You may be charged for them if they are not covered by your health fund.

Discharge medications

All medications supplied for discharge will be charged to the patient. You may either pay on the day in pharmacy or receive a bill once you are at home which is separate to the hospital account. If you have queries – please speak with your pharmacist.

If you have questions, contact our Continuum of Care Managers:

  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy tel: 03 9411 7394
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne tel: 03 9928 6832
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital Kew tel: 03 9928 6832.